Retail Therapy

by | Apr 13, 2021 | Fashion, Lifestyle

Everyone has that one thing that makes them calm and collected, or maybe happy on a sad day. For me, and others alike, retail therapy is my zen. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I found out that retail therapy was the proper name for shopping because it makes you happy. And I can easily say that I’m happy all the time, mostly because I find myself shopping online or in-store, 24/7. However, for some, shopping is just another to-do list activity, that they don’t find calming or fun. 

But the real question is why does it make you happy? And after reading an article on HealthLine, I quickly realized that shopping allows you to have control. You get to purchase what you want, which makes you feel empowered. You also feel positive even after buying a product or just looking through things to buy. And most people think that retail leads to overspending and going over budgets. But, most actually stay within their budget, and manage to not spend that much and still feel good. 

However, although it may seem like retail therapy is all that, there can be times when it is negative, so staying in that window of positivity is key. Sometimes you want to buy something so bad, but you aren’t necessarily at a time when spending as much as you want will work. You can also experience times when you spend way too much without realizing it and are suddenly more stressed. It can be fun to shop, but you have to take notice of your boundaries. You can select a budget, this can keep you from overspending and help you pick out what you really love. You can set a list of things you want, this will keep you from buying things that you didn’t want and not getting things you did. Lastly, just have fun. Shopping is supposed to be a time of calmness and positivity. Keeping a budget and what you want in mind is important, but you also can’t forget to let go. Let go of your stress and anxiety. 

Shopping can have a really positive effect on you, so try something new. Go to a store you’ve never been to after a test. Or shop online for a little in the morning to bump up your mood. Stay positive and stylish.

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