Let Idiots Burn In Hell

by | May 21, 2021 | Fashion

When you are expressing yourself through fashion, people will comment on your outfit. And maybe you will take their opinions and think them through, cry, or just ignore them like the badass you are. Peoples opinions are like flies, buzzing around you and constantly annoying. On rare occasion, they will be helpful, but on the more realistic side, they are the most frustrating thing that can occur when it comes to fashion. Whether it is simple, “Your outfit is very bold,” with hints of disgust. Or the straight up, “What are you wearing?” The one sentence that can send you over the edge. 

If you are ridiculously emotional like me, cry and screaming is usually the answer. But that was then, now I have learned to ignore them as I could care less. But other times a come back is needed. Whether it is a sarcastic comment regarding their lack of fashion knowledge, or something slightly nicer. But the ignoring thing is a go-to for me. Walking away, swaying your hips, walking your model walk, bringing the sass. And after time ignoring the random comments is as easy as pie. Because why should you care what someone thinks when you like it. Your opinion is all the matters because you are wearing it, not them. 

Most of the time when someone says something hurtful about your outfit they are really just jelly that they don’t have the impeccable fashion sense that you do. And your confidence will show them that you are amazing and love what you wear. Because how you wear what you wear is half of looking great. Who cares what you are wearing, if you look confident you will look like perfection. And in the words of Gina, a family friend of mine, “It’s your shway” that makes you look great. Your shway being how you walk, how you talk, your energy. If you are shy, nervous, and self-conscious in your outfit that will be how you look. If you are confident, sassy, and LOVING your outfit then you will look like that. 

So, peoples opinions on your outfit can go to hell, sure the random fashion tip here and there is helpful. But you wear what you want to wear, it shouldn’t matter that your best friend likes it. Or some social media influencer said it’s what’s trending. Wear it cause you like it, not because other people do.

Photo by Chris Rhoads on Unsplash

You can see what I wear on Pinterest @mariahstylefashion

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  1. Gina Viola Peake

    Sashay your shway all day as you walk away!!!! Love it Mariah!


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