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by | May 4, 2021 | Fashion

Getting yourself out of the house and doing something that isn’t staring at your phone all day can be tricky, especially during a pandemic. But because teens need to be social and not trapped in one space for a while, getting out and doing things is important. Also seeing your friends and getting boba is VERY important. Whether that was going for a jog, or hanging out with friends, getting out of the house, made me much happier and easygoing. Now, because of vaccines, there is less worry with getting together with people outside of your household and going to stores. 

Surprisingly enough, this actually played a huge role in my fashion. Just like everyone else, I went through the phase where I only wore sweats and pyjamas, but I realized at the beginning of this year that that was one of the reasons why I was tired all the time and lazy. Your outfit not only shows off your attitude but also changes your mood. So if you were wearing a ball gown you might feel like royalty, but if you are wearing all black, even your makeup, you feel goth and chill. I started wearing actual clothes even when I was just at home watching T.V. because it made me feel awake. I also started to dress up more when I went to the grocery store, or walking the dogs, cause why not! Picking out my outfits in the morning gave me something to think about. 

There are a bunch of things you can do to lift your spirit, getting dressed and going out places are just two examples. But you also have to remember to dress like yourself, and if that means as many layers and colours possible, or as much denim as you can get on, then go for it. Your outfit expresses who you are, so don’t be afraid to be yourself. 

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  1. SB

    A bit late, but well said young lady.


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