Be Bold But Be You

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Fashion

I previously wrote about being brave with your fashion, but what happens when you are bold, but not comfortable in what you are wearing? When you put on an amazing outfit, but you look at it again and realize it is not something you would wear. This happens a lot with me, I pick out a really cute outfit, that is both bold and brave, but I quickly realize that it is not something I like. Then halfway through the day, I start to not feel good in it, because it isn’t me. 


There are plenty of ways to deal with this, one way is to only dress in what you are enthusiastic about. Whether you are ridiculously excited about wearing it the day before, or you are just overall happy about your attire. Loving what you wear can really determine whether or not you look confident and fashionable. I don’t like outfits that I feel like someone else should be wearing, I feel comfortable wearing something that represents me and how I feel, not anyone else. 


Plenty of celebrities go above and beyond with their outfits when they are at any sort of red carpet event. But, you can tell when one of them has on something that isn’t what they would want to wear. Sometimes people sport an outfit to please others when all that should matter is pleasing yourself. If you know someone really well, you should be able to tell when they are wearing something that they don’t like. 


There is a huge difference between being brave and being uncomfortable. Dressing in something that you have always wanted to wear but are too scared to, is definitely being brave. Wearing something that you wouldn’t normally have on because it isn’t something you like is uncomfortable. Knowing what the difference is can really change how you dress. All you have to remember is to wear what you love, not what someone else does. 

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