Are Expensive Clothes Really Worth It?

by | Mar 8, 2021 | Fashion

I spend almost everyday shopping, whether that’s online or in person. Either way, what can be really hard to figure out is whether or not expensive clothes are really worth it. The only way I manage to get expensive clothes is from gifts and saving up. So when it comes to designer clothing I am not an expert. However, there was one time when a misunderstanding happened between an expensive store and a friend of my mom’s. In the end, my mom’s friend ended up with a whole lot of expensive clothes that we could pick from. So, this meaning that I have experienced both sides of clothes, the fancy and the cheap. 

I recently saw a fashion stylist do a challenge, where they had to go to a store like Target or Marshalls and find an expensive-looking outfit that was no more than $50. I thought it was so cool that she managed to put together a look that looked like a million bucks but was super cheap. I wanted to see if I could do this, so I went to Target with my sister and my aunt. I ended up getting a really beautiful dress that was only $37 and it looked amazing. I paired it with a little belt since I am still a kid so my waist isn’t exactly adult size. With the belt, the look totaled about $55 which was amazing for the quality of the material and how amazing it looked. I did not buy a bag and shoes there since I already had some that would work, but even then it would have been below $100 for a crazy good outfit. 

My second outfit consisted of a cute, strappy, black, tank top blouse that was super comfy. It was $18 which I found crazy compared to the other super expensive blouse that I got that was almost 10 times that amount. For pants, I got a really cool pair of dress pants, that were both comfortable and stylish, and were only $25. They were black and white stripes, meaning the whole look was just black and white so far, but I found a really cute peach bag that worked with the look and added a pop of color. The bag was $20, making the look only $63, which was super cheap for how amazing it looked. I didn’t end up buying shoes for the look, I had to borrow a pair of my mom’s, however, I did find a super cute pair of heels that I had to get since they were on clearance. They were reduced so much that they were only $9! 

My final thoughts on whether or not clothes need to be expensive to look nice is that, who cares if it was $500 or $20! I wear cheap clothes all the time and feel expensive, however, it still feels good to be wearing something that is expensive. What matters is that you feel expensive in your look. So all it comes down to your preference for clothing. 

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