Animal Testing in the Cosmetics Industry

by | Mar 6, 2021 | Beauty

With everything in the world evolving and changing, animal testing seems like it should be one to change. Right? Animal testing on products in many different industries has been going on since at least 500 BC. But it is a very old way to do things, with all the tech we have nowadays there is a way to skip the animal cruelty part of manufacturing something. However, even after all these years, there are still a few brands that stick to animal testing on their products. 

Although animal testing and cruelty are wide known things, there are many people who don’t understand everything about it. So if you are a little lost, here is a refresher. According to Cruelty-Free International, “An animal test is any scientific experiment or test in which a live animal is forced to undergo something that is likely to cause them pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm.” Animal testing is incredibly horrible to animals, but in some cases, it is needed. Almost every medical breakthrough in the last 100 years was thanks to the animal testing that was done. The testing has helped with medical cures to conditions such as breast cancer, brain injury, childhood leukemia, cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, tuberculosis, and more. Worldwide around half a million animals a year are unnecessarily used to test cosmetics. 

To some, animal testing is just another thing of the so-called “circle of life”, since it has been used for so long, well others find it horrible and disgusting. Whatever your viewpoint is, it is still good to know what is cruelty-free and what isn’t. Most cosmetics brands test their products on animals, for the safety of their customers, while others find ways around animal testing that still ensure the safety of those buying their products. I choose to only buy cruelty-free beauty products, mostly because I find animal testing disgusting, but then again I am easily disgusted. However, if you are like me, here is a list of cruelty-free affordable beauty brands. 

  • alba botanica
  • Pacifica
  • kiss my face
  • acure organics
  • yes to
  • desert essence
  • avalon organics
  • andalou naturals
  • nip + fab
  • nourish organic
  • derma e
  • aubrey organics
  • queen helene
  • elf

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