An Evolution

by | Apr 23, 2021 | Fashion

2020 through 2021 has been a year of big changes.  For one, we all struggled with the transition from “normal life” ie. eating out, seeing friends and family, and going to work or school to “quarantine life” ie. costco bags of onion rings and netflix (but no chill).  However, the biggest changes have been internal.  Even if with vaccines rolling out, and facilities opening back up, things will not be the same.

For example, fashion and self-expression has become a vice to some and a battle long lost to others.  And it makes sense, why wear anything fun in these times?  It’s not like you’re going outside much, and zoom only showcases your torso, so who cares?  I think we can all admit, quarantine life was enticing in theory, “I never have to wear real clothes again!” we rejoiced. And look at us now, staring at our skinny jeans forlornly, wondering if we have the guts.  

I’m not here to tell you to slap on some makeup, don your favorite skirt, and go dancing, nor am I here to tell you to bundle up in your duvet, and become a vampire.  It’s not about that anymore; the world has changed too much for society to still be judgmental of couch potatoes. Instead, we must learn to be comfortable in our own skin again.  And don’t get me wrong, that’s scary— doesn’t that mean we’ve lost ourselves?  To that, I say, no, change isn’t an extinction, it’s an evolution.  During quarantine you didn’t lose yourself, or become a clone of who you were, you’ve developed.  You’ve become more resilient, even if you feel lazier, more sensitive, even if you feel broken.

Grow into yourself and gift yourself acceptance during this time.  As the dumpster fire that is our world rages on, find some stability within yourself.  And if you want to wear skinny jeans, wear skinny jeans, but don’t go searching for a normal that’s passed.  Get your vaccine, put on some slippers, and enter a reborn world knowing who you are.

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