About     me

Mariah Berger

I have loved fashion since I could walk, and don’t plan to stop loving it anytime soon. Whether I was putting on fashion shows at the age of 3, or shopping with my friends now, fashion has been a big part of my life since day one. Of course everyone dreams to be a fashion designer that sketches outfits and sews them, but I always loved the styling. Since I was little, picking out my outfits in the morning has always been my favorite part of the day. Now, I go to a school with a uniform, so it’s a little less fun, but I just save the real looks for after school. I have always dreamed of a career in the fashion world, so this blog is just one step to getting that goal. I also really love sharing my love for fashion, whether it’s telling people tips, or showing others my fun and bold outfits. And whether she likes it or not, I’m constantly pointing out things in my sister’s outfits that could be better. Shopping, as strange as it sounds, is my form of meditation.

Guest Authors

Elina Arteaga

My name is Elina Arteaga, and I love fashion, especially sustainable fashion! I am super interested in finding and supporting eco-friendly, cruelty-free, women-owned, fair trade, small businesses, and being part of a movement of teenagers working to stop fast fashion.

Sigrid Eyal

Hey, I’m Sigrid, a 15 year old friend of fashion-superstar, Mariah Berger.  I’m not much of a style of icon (my look was once described as that of a 30 year old philanthropist’s) but I love writing and speaking up for what I believe in.  In my free time I write poetry, lurk on Etsy, listen to DnD podcasts and obsess over cats on rescue websites.

If you want to see some of the work I’ve done, check out Dottir Press; books by feminists, for everyone.

Tessa Michaelis

Hi! It’s Tessa Michaelis. You could say I’m kinda Mariahs best friend. I’ve been with her through the ups and the downs, we’re basically sisters. Nobody comes before me, I am her closest friend. That’s all! Tessa, signing off.