Shopping Too Much During Quarantine

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Lifestyle

Covid has been tough on all of us, and I am happy to be able to say that it should be coming to a close soon. Everyone had their way of coping during the pandemic, and for me that was shopping. Which has had quite a negative impact on my bank account. It got so bad, that I would be proud of myself if I made it a week without buying some fashion thing that was trending. And let’s just say that my closet is currently bursting with clothes that I have bought this year. From 7 new pairs of shoes, to 9 new bags, finding matching pieces has not been a problem. 

I think that everyone during quarantine had that one thing that they would love to do, multiplied by 100. We had so much free time, that the thing that we would do when we had time, suddenly became that thing we did ALL the time. I can look at my screen time on any of my devices and see an extreme change in how much time I spend on fashion stores. But not only online have I seen my shopping increase. Every time I managed to get out of the house I somehow ended up at a mall. I can make probably 50 outfits just out of the new clothes I have bought. 

This obviously meant that I needed to set some boundaries. So if you’ve noticed my shopping going down in the last 2 months, it is for the best. I made sure that I didn’t spend more than $50 every month. Which may I add, is WAY harder than it seems. Shopping, although it seems weird, is oddly addicting. I didn’t even mean to, but in this week alone I spent $100. So, distancing myself from all forms of stores, online and in-person, has been needed. 

Shopping can be fun, but may I remind you, stopping yourself from spending at your heart’s content can be tricky. A good way to limit yourself is to make a list starting at the beginning of the month of things you NEED, not want. Then at the end of the month, you can go through the list and choose the most needed things to buy. This way you aren’t buying unnecessary things. And, if you manage to save up money, then going on a shopping spree won’t be as dreaded. 

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